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Skills - why matters 

Skills are everywhere. They are the driving factors of a better world. Skills improves the living condition of mankind - construction skills for building a safer house, cooking skills for making yummy meals, electrical installation skills for generating power, aircraft maintenance skills for providing faster journeys… Skills keep the world working.

It is therefore essentials for us to acquire and master skills. In acknowledging that 'Skills REALLY Matters', it is every one's role to appreciate the importance of skills, and play a role in passing on skills and related knowledge to our next generation.

About Us

About The WorldSkills Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a member of the WorldSkills International (WSI) and has participated in the WorldSkills Competition since 1997. WorldSkills Competition, organized by WorldSkills International, is the biggest skills excellence event in the world to promote the power of skills in improving our world.

In Hong Kong, Skills Competitions are organized by The Standing Committee on Youth Skills Competition (YSC), comprising representatives from the Vocational Training Council, the Construction Industry Council, the Clothing Industry Training Authority and elites from industries, which has been actively promoting the importance of skills and organizing various local and international skills competition to select suitable talents to participate in the WorldSkills Competitions.

  • About The WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition and Carnival 2017

  • 16-17 June 2017‧ Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 5BC

  • The WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition and Carnival 2017 is the largest skills event in Hong Kong jointly organized by the Vocational Training Council, Construction Industry Council, Clothing Industry Training Authority, and supported by the Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government. Meanwhile, this event is one of the celebration activities of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

    With Skills Competitions, try-a-skill activities and seminars by experts, visitors will experience the power and high relevance of skills in enriching our everyday life.
  • Upcoming International Competitions and events

  • - 44th WorldSkills Competition 2017 - 14-19 October 2017‧Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • - Hong Kong WorldSkills Competition 2018 – June-July 2018‧Hong Kong
  • - 10th Guangzhou / Hong Kong / Macao / Chengdu Youth Skills Competition – Mid October 2018‧Macao
  • - 45th WorldSkills Competition 2019 - 18-23 August 2019‧Kazan, Russia